Eco Forums are meetings where those committed to building a sustainable, clean future can meet to share their achievements, exchange ideas, plan new joint projects such as how to engage their communities and the public in their work via this website. This site is maintained by the United Nations Association Coventry Branch. The United Nations sees caring for the environment and fighting climate change as key to creating a peaceful and prosperous future for the world.

There will be several Eco Forums, each one designed for a specific group.

We are in the processes of creating the first Coventry Eco-Forum:

Coventry Primary Eco Forum

This will consist of students representing Coventry primary schools. These might be representatives from the student-based Eco-Committee of their schools, or they could be delegates elected by other students.

The Forum will be facilitated by an adult but will be student-led

We anticipate that most meetings will be via teleconferences, especially during the current Coronavirus emergency.

Teachers and parents will be welcome to observe.

The aim of the Forum will be to provide a means by which students can:

  • Tell other schools about their work.
  • Develop ideas for new projects.
  • Create joint projects between schools.
  • Inspire other schools to create Eco-Committees.
  • Showcase their achievements via a website.

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