Water Explorer

Water Explorer, Global Action Plan’s award-winning programme for students aged 8-14 that aims to get thousands of young leaders to learn about the value of water in a fun, engaging way and save water at the same time.

The Water Explorer website contains free online resources.

So far more than 3,400 schools from 12 countries have registered for the programme, with around 180,000 students taking part. They range from South Africa to Turkey and several EU states, with activities customised to suit different ages and different geographical locations.

They have been taking part in water-saving challenges, such as:

  • carrying out school water audits
  • sharing water-saving advice with teams from other countries around the world
  • organising events like sustainable fashion shows in their communities
  • growing veg in the school garden and irrigating it from a water butt.

In doing this they are not only taking part in activities that are helping to save water, but learning life skills as well – good for them, good for the planet too.

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